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Build Intel Gaming Desktops

Build Intel Gaming Desktop

Advance to the next level of gaming by building your own Intel Gaming Desktop. PC International understands that building your gaming rig is the ultimate way to have a system capable of filling all your gaming desires. Choose every specification and calibrate them precisely how you want them to be. With PC International you can find the Intel Central Processing Unit (CPU), motherboard, graphics processing unit (GPU) memory (RAM), a hard drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) storage, power supply unit (PSU), system cooling technology and operating system (OS) that speaks to your needs.

Pair the Intel Gaming Desktop you have perfectly crafted, with your choice of hardware to take your gaming experience to new next levels. Choose from our gaming monitors, select a comfortable high-performance mouse and pick-up a backlit RGB keyboard to further enhance your gaming experience. Then select the right headset that’s comfortable, looks great and allows effortless communication.