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Buy Desktop Memory Online

The PC International online store offers high performance, very reliable Desktop Random Access Memory (RAM). Choose from our selection of RAM available in DDR3 and DDR4. Match your Desktop computer needs with our options of 4GB, 8GB and 16GB RAM. Boost your Desktops short term memory by upgrading your Desktop RAM. Better ensure glitch free graphic enjoyment from your integrated graphics card, by opting to add more RAM to your Desktop computer. 4GB is a good minimum starting specification, then add more RAM to advance your level.

Decide to increase the pace of your work by improving your Desktop computer’s multitasking capabilities, when you invest in additional RAM. Then open multiple tabs when you surf the web. Work across numerous programmes, utilise additional screens more effectively and truly maximise your work efficiency by adding RAM to your Desktop. All made more possible by shopping in the PC International online store.