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RGB Memory

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Up your performance by adding Red Green Blue Random-Access Memory (RGB RAM) to your system. Improve your effectiveness, better enable multitasking and enjoy the viewable efficiency of added RGB RAM to your existing system. Add to your gaming excitement with RGB RAM. Show off your internals with our PC International RGB RAM options. Enjoy the continuous rotation of LED lighting or opt to programme your RGB RAM and light-up your performance exactly how you want it highlighted.

Adding RGB RAM from our PC International online store selection, will improvement your capabilities through enhancing the performance of your existing device. Enjoy 16GB or more of unadulterated memory boosting pleasure when you delve into our Corsair Vengeance and Patriot Viper selections. Easily maximise your graphics enjoyment and work efficiency by upgrading your RAM. Then run multiple programmes, open numerous tabs and keep them running in the background and enjoy a glitch free computer experience.