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Intel Processors (CPU)

Buy Intel Processors (CPU) Online

Optimize your computer’s efficiency with a new processor (CPU). Find the right processor (CPU) for your needs in PC International’s online range of Intel. Select a combination that’s perfect for your work, creative, gaming and downtime demands. Maximize your turbo frequency to get the speed you want. Choose a Central Processing Unit (CPU) that steps up to your requirements and executes enough concurrent instructions so you don’t ever need to pause and wait.

Our Intel Processor (CPU) selection includes Intel Celeron, Pentium, Intel Core I3, Intel Core I5, Intel Core I7 and Intel Core I9.

Select from our PC International’s range of dual, triple or quad core options. Invest in Smart Cache. Look at a Pentium Gold and Celeron to power your basic computing needs. Delve into the Intel world and select from a range of generations, unlock the i9 and enjoy up to 5.00GHZ. Together with PC International enjoy the power of a great processor.