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Desktop Monitors

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Desktop Monitors

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With a range of sizes, specs and features, the PC International online store has a monitor that will meet your needs and improve your working or downtime experience. General use monitors which can be used for web browsing, basic computing and emailing. Professional monitors for graphic design, photo and video editing ensure true colour, allow for temperature control and maximisation of contrast. Choose a monitor which guarantees superb response times and refresh rates by matching then augmenting your graphics card specs; then advance to your next level of gaming and eSport enjoyment.

Opt for an Ultra-Wide screen to display multiple applications at once or choose a curved screen for enhanced immersion. When you delve into our high dynamic-range (HDR), prepare to enjoy the latest colour-range technology and experience amazing contrast with sharper purer whites and darker blacks. For commercial and educational applications, try a touchscreen monitor to create a more interactive environment.