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Gaming Laptop vs Gaming Desktop

Gaming rigs and setups are not something that can be considered “one-size fits all”. There are gamers who prefer different gaming setups based on their own unique preferences, gaming styles, budgets, and several other factors.
It is important for gamers to realise and understand the key differences between gaming laptops versus gaming desktops, their unique features, and in which category each will serve the gamer the best.

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Comparison Table

CategoryGamping LaptopGaming Desktop
PerformanceLaptops have the notorious reputation of being underpoweredGaming Desktops are inherently known for their power and ability to be customised
PortabilityThis is the primary strength of a gaming laptop. With the right laptop, the gamer can do anything that they could with a desktop, albeit from anywhere in the worldThis is a fatal flaw for Gaming Desktops as they are stationary and cannot easily be moved from one place to the next
Hardware UpgradesAs result of compact designs, gaming laptops are more difficult to upgrade. Most desktop computer are upgrade-friendly as result of the modular layout.
CustomisationWhen purchasing a laptop, the user can choose from a variety of core components including RAM, storage, CPU, GPU, and typically the display. The largest draw towards a gaming desktop is its customisability along with the diversity of custom hardware options, highly regulated performance, and range of aesthetic choices.

Gaming Laptop Specifications

  • Display

    Most gaming laptops feature display sizes between 15.6” up to 17.3” as laptops are subjected to factors such as portability and having a screen larger than 17.3” without sacrificing this would be pointless.

  • OS

    The Operating System of the gaming laptop will affect some factors depending on the games that the gamer wishes to play.

    • Most modern gaming laptops have the following operating systems that are typically installed:
    • FreeDOS OS, such is the case with the Gigabyte G7.
    • No OS, such is the case with the Gigabyte Aero 15.
    • Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Professional, which is a common OS typically used in most popular, modern gaming laptops.
  • Refresh Rate

    Competitive gamers often look for gaming laptops that have refresh rates ranging between 144Hz, 240Hz, and even up to 360Hz. In addition to this, gamers can consider screens that have higher pixel counts such as 4K screens and 1440p (QHD) screens.

    With PC International, gamers have a choice between the following:

    • 120Hz
    • 144Hz
    • 240Hz
    • 360Hz
  • Graphics Card

    Laptops have dedicated GPUs and it is crucial for gamers to consider the model, how much RAM it comes with, the power usage, and whether it is a Max-Q GPU. PC International offers some of the best gaming laptops that feature robust GPUs for the best, competitive gaming experiences, including:

    • GTX 1650 4GB, 1650 Ti 4GB, 1660 6GB, 1660 Ti 6GB
      P620 4GB.
    • RTX 2060 6GB, 2070 8GB, 3050 4GB, 3060 6GB and 8GB, 3080 8GB and 16GB.
    • T1000 4GB
    • T2000 4GB
  • Resolution

    Screen resolution entails the pixel counts and while most modern laptops offer full HD screens as a default, gamers have the option of improved screen resolutions, with more laptops designed and manufactures to feature 4K screens, which is currently the best on the market.

    With PC International, gamers have access to the following resolutions:

    • 4K
    • FHD
    • UHD
  • CPU

    The CPU is another integral component that reads the instructions of the game and registers the player input. The CPU of the gaming laptop works alongside the GPU to run and render the game smoothly.

    Some of the best CPU offered in gaming laptops on PC International include:

    • AMD Ryzen 7 and AMD Ryzen 9.
    • Intel Core i5, Intel Core i7, and Intel Core i9.
  • RAM

    Decent random-access memory (RAM) is imperative for the best gaming experience. RAM ensures that the gamer gets smooth gaming performance. Most professional gamers use at least 8GB of DD4 RAM. With PC

    International’s gaming laptops, gamers can choose between the following:

    • 8GB
    • 16GB
    • 32GB
    • 64GB
  • Storage

    Storage involves Hard disk drives (HDD) versus solid-state drives (SSD), with some gaming laptops that feature both. HDDs tend to provide gamers with more storage, but SSD is faster, quicker, and features faster load times. With PC International, gamers can choose laptops that feature the following:

    • 1TB HDD
    • 1TB SSD
    • 256GB SSD
    • 512GB SSD
    • 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD

Top Laptop Brands for Gamers

  • Acer

    Acer is known for its innovation and offers beginner gamers with the following laptops:

    • Acer Aspire Nitro

    Professional gamers can benefit from the following Acer Laptops

    • Predator Helios 300
    • Predator Triton 300
  • Asus

    Asus offers robust, competitive laptops for both beginners and professionals.


    • ROG
    • ROG Strix G and Strix 17
    • TUF Gaming, Gaming 15, A17 and Gaming 17


    • ROG Strix Scar 17
    • ROG Strix G17
    • ROG Zephyrus
  • Dell

    Dell is known for delivering some of the best and most durable laptops in the industry.

    The best Dell gaming laptops for beginners are:

    • Dell G5 15 5590

    For professional gamers, the following are the best:

    • Inspiron 5500 and 7700.
  • Gigabyte

    Gigabyte is a prominent and well-established name in gaming, and beginners can choose from the following to kick-start their gaming journey:

    • Aorus 5 (i5 and i7)
    • G7 Intel core i7

    Professionals have a choice between the following:

    • Gigabyte G5
    • Gigabyte Aero 15 and 17
    • Gigabyte Aorus 15G and 17G
  • Lenovo

    Lenovo is a large, well-known name in the computer industry as well as the gaming community, offering beginners with a choice between the following:

    • Ideapad Gaming 3

    Professional gamers are not excluded, and they can choose from:

    • Lenovo Legion
    • Lenovo Legion Y530
  • MSI

    Despite numerous other brands that feature powerful gaming laptops, MSI is well-known for providing gamers with the best laptops in the industry. With MSI, beginners have access to the following:

    • MSI GF66
    • MSI WF65

    Professional gamers can choose from the following powerful, innovative options:

    • MSI GF75
    • MSI GF76
    • MSI GP76 Leopard
    • MSI GL66 Raider, and several others.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which laptop is best for gaming?

    Some of the best laptops for gaming include the ASUS TUF Gaming and the ASUS Rog Zephyrus.
  • What Laptops are good for gaming and cheap?

    The MSI Alpha 15 and the Dell G3 15 gaming laptop.
  • Are gaming laptops worth it?

    Yes, a gaming laptop is worth buying for any kind of user who wants the best from their machine, whether for gaming or any other purpose.
  • Are gaming laptops better than gaming PCs?

    Gaming laptops are good where power and portability is concerned. However, gaming PCs are the best for customisability and performance.
  • Can you use a gaming laptop for everyday use?

    Yes, you can. However, you may pay more for a gaming laptop that you will not fully use than buying a top-of-the line ordinary laptop or workstation.
  • Which gaming laptop has best display?

    The Alienware M15.
  • Can you hook up a gaming laptop to a monitor?

    Yes, you can.
  • What should I look for in a gaming laptop?

    You must consider the portability, GPU, CPU, RAM, resolution, refresh rate, and audio.
  • Are there any gaming laptops with touchscreen?

    Yes, there are many gaming laptops manufactured by Dell, Razer, HP, Lenovo, ASUS, and other brands that have touchscreens.
  • Do Gaming laptops overheat?

    Yes, they overheat. For this reason, it is crucial to ensure that the laptop’s cooling is adequate and that it is placed in a well-ventilated room.
  • Do Gaming laptops last long?

    Yes, if properly maintained and frequently updated, gaming laptops can last long.
  • What are the disadvantages of gaming laptop?

    They are expensive and they cost more than other laptops as result of the technology used.
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