Asus Zenbook

ASUS zenbook specialises in intelligent software that offers full creative power, great battery life, excellent display dual-screen laptop features and superb connectivity. It also boasts an exciting second screen above the keyboard with excellent image quality.

Many features make the Zenbook a uniquely desirable laptop from its aesthetics to its power, secondary screen with an Asus screenpad and even video playback. Laptops such as the Zenbook Pro Duo and Zenbook 14 have an amazing lifespan, extended even further by the intuitive “whisper mode”.

Even with intensive keyboard use, a keyboard light and high screen brightness, the device can last for many hours in top-performance mode and even longer in standard mode. Choose your login password, flex your fingers, and get ready to get creative without spending all day at an outlet.

The operating system – Windows – is designed to give the full complement of high performance while enabling creativity. It offers amazing cursor control thanks to its intuitive fingerprint sensor and the hard work of the Golden Ear team at SUS. The punishing test regime from the ASUS zenbook team includes extended tests at extreme altitudes and harsh environments.

This ensures that the standards set are extremely high and creative professionals can enjoy the ultimate edge this model provides such as a main screen with a secondary display with personalized content anywhere. Check for the Golden Ear team’s review name on the box when you purchase.