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Acer Laptops

Buy the Best Acer Laptops for Sale Online in South Africa

By browsing through PC International’s Acer laptops for sale, the best deals can be discovered on Acer mainstream as well as various gaming laptops. The line-up consists of a laptop suited to each customer’s needs. From entry-level machines to notebooks, touch screen laptops, and high-end executive laptop types.

The options which are currently on sale have a variety of configurations which provide for tailored processing requirements, comfortable keyboard arrangements to compliment and accommodate different work or gaming styles.

Acer laptop batteries are designed and developed to last longer than most, and Acer PCs are known for their bight and vivid displays that surpass graphic performance expectations.

Acer PCs are also designed with portability and power requirements in mind, while simultaneously considering innovation in maintaining alluring laptop designs across the entire Acer range. Sophistication is captured in the ultra-svelte Swift Acer laptop while gaming laptops show commitment and innovation towards e-Sprots excellence.
Acer deals can also be paired effortlessly with one of PC International’s bundle deals, allowing customers to take advantage of both software and hardware promotions, allowing customers to maximize their Acer laptop sale advantage.

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Popular Acer Laptop Models

  • Acer One

    Those who seek a low-cost budget netbook need not look further than the Acer Aspire one. It is an 8.9” netbook which provides good tactile feedback. The system includes 512MB 533MHz DDR2 RAM, and battery life that hovers around the 2-hour mark.

  • Acer E

    The Acer Aspire E is a solid laptop that offers relatively acceptable performance and a nice keyboard. It may not be sleek, but it features an 8th Intel Core i3 chip in addition to decent battery life, placing it ahead of other entry-level, budget-friendly laptops.

  • Chromebook

    The Acer Chromebook is an excellent laptop for its price range. It is also capable of performing a variety of basic tasks without even a hitch. The CPU performance, battery life, as well as the keyboard quality are, however, behind the standard of more expensive laptops, but for those looking to use it as a basic computer to browse the web, stream videos, and use basic apps, this is the perfect laptop.

  • Nitro

    The Acer Nitro is a budget gaming laptop and a carefully curated machine which makes just the right concessions to attract bargain-hunting gamers. Acer designed and manufactured this laptop with the aim of offering consumers a machine that has a decent graphics card at a budget-friendly place.

  • Aspire

    The Acer Aspire is a notebook that ticks off a significant number of boxes for students who participate in remote or in-person learning. It is a budget-friendly notebook that offers inoffensive looks, a variety of ports, and decent audio.

  • Switch

    One of the newest budget laptops from the electronics maker Acer, is the Switch which serves all intents and purposes, wholly aimed at those who are looking for a bargain.

  • Spin

    The Acer Spin offers one of the best laptops that is still budget friendly. It has a sleek, metal chassis, and a snappy keyboard. The screen is also one of the most colorful screens on any laptop of its price range. There is even an active, pressure sensitive stylus included.

  • Swift

    The Acer Swift is one of the first entry level in the Intel ‘Engineered for Mobile Performance’ and the models are designed with extra-long battery life, an instant wake, and modern standby receipt of emails when the laptop is in sleep mode with the lid closed.

  • Porsche Design

    In partnership with Porsche Design, Acer announced a new variety of laptops which feature the latest 11th Gen chips from Intel. The laptop is inspired by the legacy of the Porsche 911 and features the integration of advanced engineering technology as well as sublime beauty that makes the Porsche Design Acer Book one of the ultimate creative tools, designed for trend makers.

Recommended Laptop Ranges by Designs

  • Ultra-Thin:

    • Swift
    • Aspire

    Ultra-thin laptops are designed to be thinner and lighter than others with high performance in mind.

  • Convertible:

    • Spin
    • Nitro
    • Chromebook

    Convertible laptops can convert into a tablet, and back again.

  • Detachable:

    • Switch

    Detachable laptops make it possible for consumables to buy one product that is a tablet and laptop in one, without having to invest in separate products.

  • Classic

    • Aspire
    • Nitro
    • Chromebook
    • Aspire E
    • Acer One

Acer Notebook Features and Specifications to Look Out for

  • Processor

      Acer Notebooks make use of processors that have been developed and manufactured by Intel. There are three types of processors in the “i” series and it is imperative that consumers know which would better suit their needs.

    • I3

      The first is the i3 which is available in multiple speeds which range from 1.30GHz up to 3.50GHz. These processers can feature either a 3MB or a 4MB cache and it uses either the LGA 1150 or the LGA1155 socket on the motherboard.
      Core i3 processors can either be dual-core, however there are a few that are quad-core. Core i3 processors either make use of DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1600 RAM.

    • I5

      The Core i5 is a computer processor which is available either as dual- or quad-core. It is used in both laptop and desktop computers. The Core i5 is available in speeds ranging from 1.90GHz up to 3.80GHz, featuring either a 3MB, 4MB, or 6MB cache.
      The Core i5 uses a LGA 1150 or a LGA 1155 socket on the motherboard. Although Core i5 is either a dual- or quad-core, there are, however, high-end Core i5’s that feature six cores. Core i5 makes use of either a DDR3 1333 or a DDR3 1600 RAM.

    • I7

      The Core i7 feature either four or six cores and has stock frequencies that range between 3.6 and 3.7 GHz. Some of the most high-performance i7 processors are used in desktop computers while high-efficiency Core i7 processors are used for a range of desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices.
      The Core i7 is especially marketed to gaming enthusiasts as well as digital artists, filmmakers, and animators.

  • Storage

    Depending on the purpose that the laptop will be used for, two important storage that will need to be considered is Random Access Memory, or RAM, as well as onboard memory.

    Most Acer laptops have varying ram from 2GB and higher, while onboard memory can range from 256GB and up to 1TB HDD, with the option of upgrading the onboard storage.

  • Display Size

    Laptops are often characterized by their display sizes which can range from 10” to over 15”.

  • Resolution

    Screen resolution is an imperative factor as higher resolution indicates higher detail on the screen. Screen resolution on Acer laptops will depend on the model, with more advanced models featuring higher screen resolutions, for instance 1920*1080, and higher

  • Operating System

    Acer machines are preloaded with Windows 10 as the operating system. However, the variation will differ between computers from Windows 10 basic up to Windows 10 Pro.

Recommended Laptops for Different Professions

  • Budget-Friendly Student Laptops

    • Acer Chromebook
    • Acer Aspire
    • Acer Swift
    • Acer Spin
  • Best Business Laptops if you Work from Home

    • Acer Aspire
    • Acer Chromebook
    • Acer Swift
  • Top Gaming Laptops

    • Acer Predator Triton
    • Acer Predator Helios
  • Light-weight Laptops for Travelers

    • Acer Swift
    • Acer Spin

Popular Acer Laptop Accessories

  • Battery

    Acer laptop batteries are replaceable and can be purchased from any dealer at a price that will range depending on the make and model of the laptop.

  • Charger

    Acer chargers are standard depending on the make and model of the laptop; however, most chargers are designed to fit a variety of models.

  • Mouse

    Whereas Acer laptops are fitted with a trackpad, there are consumers that prefer using an external mouse. Most work via Bluetooth, however, there are still mouse accessories that are wired.

  • Screens

    All Acer monitors feature crisp and HD graphics in a variety of resolutions.

  • Graphics Card

    Acer machines feature decent graphics cards, with the most robust technology included in the Acer gaming laptops. These laptops make use of GTX1650, RTX2060, and RTX2070 graphics cards for the best user experience.

  • Motherboard

    Some of the most popular Acer motherboards include the MB.S5702.002, the Acer Aspire M3470 AMD Desktop motherboard, and the Acer Aspire M5-481T Ultrabook Motherboard.

  • Drivers

    Acer drivers as well as manuals can be downloaded from the official Acer site, however, drivers needed for operation are already preloaded as per the specifications of the laptop. All other drivers for external accessories such as printers can be downloaded from the manufacturer.

  • Desktop

    Acer features a range of sophisticated and advanced acer desktop computers that meet the unique and individual need of each consumer.

  • Switches

    For consumers who require additional switches, Acer offers a range of high-quality products allowing for the seamless connection of a variety of devices such as laptops, wireless access points, printers, servers, and others, all in one.

  • Hard Drive

    Acer computers feature standard hard drives per machine which can be upgraded within certain parameters. Acer makes use of two types of hard drives, solid state drives and traditional, platter-based drives.

    Solid drives typically feature less storage, but they are faster, and they last longer than traditional drives, which feature moving parts that can wear out and will have to be replaced.

Acer Reviews

Acer is a well-known global brand with several products on the market. There are numerous reviews on each product, however, the overall rating for Acer as a brand is between 3.5 and 4.0 out of 5 on top review sites.

Acer Chromebook receives an overall 3.5/5 as a low-cost and versatile compact convertible laptop which is perfect for school pupils as well as university students.

The Acer Swift also receives a substantial number of brilliant reviews from 3.5/5 as a lightweight and ultra-portable laptop that has all the basic features and a vibrant display.
Both the Acer Nitro and the Predator Triton receive a thumbs-up from a large portion of the gaming community, which pushes its overall rating to 4/5. Not only do these laptops come with economy gaming but they are packed with features in addition to having sleek, trim designs, and cutting edge high-resolution.

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History of Acer

Acer, Inc. is a Taiwanese multinational hardware and electronics corporation that was founded in 1976. Acer specializes in advanced electronics technology. Acer produces desktop PCs, laptop PCs, tablets, servers, storage devices, virtual reality (VR), displays, smartphones, gaming PCs, accessories, and peripherals.

Acer employs more than 7,000 employees worldwide and operates in 40 different countries and territories across Australia, Europe, India, Indonesia, and North America. Through the years, since its inception, Acer has produced a variety of well-known, trusted, and reliable machines and is continuously involved in product innovation to cater for the growing needs and demands of consumers in all industries.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • How long will an Acer laptop last?

    Acer laptops, regardless of the model, do not have an expiration date. However, it will depend on several factors including the hardware components of the machine such as the processor and graphics card, amidst others, and the compatibility of the machine with updated software.
  • Which is the best Acer laptop?

    The Acer Predator Triton 500 is currently one of the best rated laptops in its class followed by the Acer Nitro 5, Acer Spin 3, Acer Chromebook Spin 15 CP, Acer Swift 5, and the Acer Travelmate P6.
  • Is Acer good quality?

    Acer offers premium computers along with affordable, yet decent, machines. Most Acer computers, if not all, are exceptional and highly rated in the computer community.
  • What is the cost of Acer laptops?

    Acer Laptops start anywhere from 7,000 ZAR, depending on the model of the laptop, and can go up to 30,000+ ZAR.
  • Are Acer repairs available in South Africa?

    Yes. Acer offers repair services in South Africa through service partners which are based in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, and the Free State.
  • How much does it cost to fix an Acer laptop?

    This will depend on the extent of the repairs and whether there is an extended service plan on the machine.

Comparison by Brands

ProcessorIntel i3, i5, i7Intel i3, i5, i7, i9Intel i3, i5, i7, i9 AMD, Celeron, Ryzen
Storage16GB RAM Max, 1TB SSD16GB RAM Max, 512 SSD32GB RAM Max, 1TB SSD
Display Size17.3” FHD17.3” FHD17.3” FHD/UHD
Resolution1920*1080 Max1920*1080 Max3840*2160 Max
Operating SystemWIN 10/WIN 10 PROWIN 10/WIN 10 PROWIN 10/WIN 10 PRO
PriceFrom 7,303.00 ZAR to 36,649.00 ZARFrom 2,899.00 ZAR to 57,499.00From 4,484.00 ZAR to 85,099.00
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