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Dell Laptops

Buy the Best Dell Laptops for Sale Online in South Africa

PC International hosts a range of Dell laptops for sale that can be used for a wide variety of applications.

Dell Laptops are synonymous with both quality as well as reliability across a variety of premium and mainstream laptops that are also budget friendly. Dell screens feature crisp details while Dell gaming laptops have high-end graphics cards as well as top-notch processors, making them ideal for top-rated gaming experiences, despite the genre of games.

Dell screens also consistently deliver accurate and smooth colors from all angles and the battery life on dell laptops are industry standard benchmarks, ensuring that users have hours of work, play, or study time, which is uninterrupted, an added advantage when considering the power outages that South Africa has frequently.

Dell laptops also feature backlit keyboards, allowing users to work under all conditions despite the level of lighting. There are several ports featured on the laptops, catering for a variety of external devices that can be connected.

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Competitive Dell Laptop Prices & Special Deals from PC International

The Dell laptops available on the PC International site range from the innovative Dell Vostro, Latitude, Inspiron, to the highly acclaimed and powerful Precision M5550.

No matter what the application that you need a Dell laptop for, PC International will have the perfect machine to match your budget.

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Popular Dell Laptop Series

  • G Series Gaming Laptops

    The Dell G Series is the most affordable line of gaming laptops that includes the G3, G5, and the most recent G7 laptop.

    The G Series comes jam-packed with a variety of powerful features, from the 10th Gen H-series processors that go up to i7, Nvidia GeForce graphics, up to RTX 2070, and the added advantage of a ‘Game Shift’ macro key to modulate the fan, and dynamic, crisp, and clear audio.

  • XPS Performance Laptops

    Dell XPS is a popular and reputable model that has some of the best performance seen, improved battery life, a bright and colorful screen, and some of the most stunning designs in the range. The XPS is the flagship portable machine and the perfect laptop for day-to-day asks.

  • Inspiration – Everyday Essential Laptops

    The Dell Inspiron range is the best home and work laptop range that features solid performance, a great screen, and lightweight design that holds up its own against other ranges and brands.

    The Inspiron features a collection of components which ooze both quality and competency, considering that the laptop is a mid-range machine. For what it offers, the performance is excellent and reliable, and the machine has an above-average battery life.

Recommended Laptop Ranges by Designs

  • Sleek Design:

    • Dell XPS
  • 2 in 1:

      • Dell Inspiron 7391 i7 and i5
      • Dell Latitude 5300<


  • Gaming Laptops:

    • Dell Inspiron 5500 GTX 1650
    • Dell Inspiron 5500 GTX 1660
    • Dell Inspiron 5500 RTX 2060
    • Dell Inspiron 7700 GTX 1660
    • Dell Inspiron 7700 RTX 2060
  • Best Battery Life Laptops:

      • Dell Latitude<


Dell Notebook Features and Specifications to Look Out for

  • Processor

    • I3
      Core i3 processors are used to manage typical tasks such as web browsing, listening to music, watching, or streaming videos. Core i3 features speeds that range from between 1.30GHz and 3.50GHz while there is a 3MB or 4MB cache in addition to the processor using either a LGA 1150 or a LGA 1155 socket in the motherboard.
      Intel i3 processors can also be dual-core while there are very few that are quad-core. In addition, i3 processors also use either DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1600 RAM.
    • I5
      Intel i5 processors can either be dual- or quad-core, used both in laptop and desktop computers, with speeds that range from 1.90GHz up to 3.80GHz. Intel i5 processors vary between 3MB, 4MB, and 6MB caches.
      The Intel i5 uses either a LGA 1150 or LGA 1155 socket on the motherboard and even though Corei5 is inherently dual- or quad-core, there are some high-end Core i5’s that can have up to six cores.
      Intel i5’s make use of either DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1600 RAM.
    • I7
      The Intel Core i7 processors typically have either four to six cores with stock frequencies that range between 3.6GHz and 3.7GHz. There are high-performance i7 processors that typically make their way into desktop computers, with high efficiency i7 processors used for Dell laptops, and various mobile devices. However, apart from these uses, the i7 is specially marketed to gaming enthusiasts, filmmakers, animators, and digital artists.
  • 2. Storage

    The two most prominent concepts associated with storage relates to Random Access Memory, commonly known just as RAM, and onboard memory. Dell laptops have RAM from 4GB up to a maximum of 14GB, with onboard storage starting from 256GB SSD up to a maximum of 2TB HDD.

  • Display Size

    Dell laptops have a variety of display sizes that start from as little as 11.6” up to a maximum of 17.3”.

  • Resolution

    Dell laptops also offer a variety of resolutions between 1366 x 768 HD, 1920 x 1080 FHD, and 3840 x 2160 UHD, with the highest resolution offering higher detail on the screen.

  • Operating System

    All Dell laptops have Windows preinstalled, with a choice between WIN 10 Home and Win 10 Pro, which most Dell laptops have today.

Recommended Laptops for Different Professions

  • Best Laptops for Students

    • Dell XPS
    • Dell Inspiron
  • Laptops for Entrepreneurs

    • Dell Latitude
    • Dell Inspiron
    • Dell XPS
  • Everyday Home Use Laptops

    • Dell Inspiron
  • Durable Dell Gaming Laptop

    • Dell Inspiron 5500 GTX 1650
    • Dell Inspiron 5500 GTX 1660
    • Dell Inspiron 5500 RTX 2060
    • Dell Inspiron 7700 GTX 1660
    • Dell Inspiron 7700 RTX 2060

Popular Dell Laptop Accessories

  • Battery

    Dell laptops come with some of the longest battery life of all other brands and models. The battery life on Dell laptops is dependable, and there are many options available when having to replace the battery, with PC International featuring a variety of affordable products.

  • Charger

    Dell’s chargers are made to fit most devices and these accessories are also available from many suppliers across South Africa.

  • Mouse

    While most people use trackpads on laptops, there are still some who prefer the use of a mouse. Dell laptops feature a variety of USB ports for all accessories, whether wireless or wired.

  • Screens

    The screen resolutions that Dell machines have along with the display features are some of the best qualities that can be found. For additional monitors, PC International has something for every consumer despite their needs.

  • Graphics Card

    Dell laptops make use of GTX and RTX graphics cards. These are upgradable with some of the best cards that can be purchased from PC International.
    Featured graphics cards include:

    • Gigabyte GeForce RTX Turbo card
    • AMD Radeon cards
    • NVIDIA Quadro RTX and P620 cards
  • • Motherboard

    Depending on the model, PC International caters for a range of motherboards compatible with a variety of Dell laptops.

  • Drivers

    As with most modern computers, operational drivers are preinstalled in devices, with additional drivers that can be downloaded online.

  • Desktops

    Apart from making some of the most powerful laptops, Dell also features a great variety of powerful and dynamic desktop computers.

  • Hard drive

    Dell laptops feature powerful and versatile hard drives that range between solid-state drives and traditional, platter-based drives. While solid drives feature less storage, they are faster and last much longer. Traditional drives offer more storage; however, they feature moving parts that may need to be replaced.

Comparison by Brands

ProcessorIntel i3, i5, i7Intel i3, i5, i7, i9Intel i3, i5, i7, i9, Intel Xeon, Intel Celeron A6-9225, AMD A4, AMD Ryzen 3Intel i3, i5, i7, Intel Celeron
Storage16GB Max, 1TB HDD/SSD16GB RAM Max, 512 SSD32GB RAM Max, 1TB SSD/HDD16GB RAM Max, 1TB SSD
Display Size17.3” FHD/UGD17.3” FHD17.3” FHD/UHD15.6” FHD
Resolution3840 x 2160 UHD1920*1080 Max3840 x 2160 UHD2256 x 1504
Operating SystemWIN 10/ WIN 10 PROWIN 10/WIN 10 PROWIN 10/WIN 10 PROWIN 10/WIN 10 PRO, Chrome OS
PriceFrom 10,924.00 ZAR to 48,299 ZARFrom 2,899.00 ZAR to 57,499.00From 4,484.00 ZAR to 85,099.00From 6,703.00 ZAR to 35,190.00 ZAR

Dell Reviews

One word that often comes to mind when “Dell” is mentioned, is groundbreaking. Dell is a tech giant which is based in Texas that pioneered the four-sided, bezel-free display with the popular XPS line-up of models. Dell also managed to discover a way through which touchpad, screen, and keyboard real estate can be increased, albeit maximized, while minimizing the laptop’s overall footprint.

Dell is known for its eye for innovation that helped propel the brand into second place as far as computer technology is concerned, and it could even eventually catapult the company into the top global spot.
Dell has innovation and a diverse product offering; however, the brand has mixed performance associated with its tech support report.

Strengths that Dell has include:

  • Inventiveness – as Dell is not afraid of taking large leaps as well as bounds through the jungle that is innovation. Dell has amazed the world by squeezing a tiny camera into the XPS laptop’s small top bezel, and during last year, it became the first company that introduced a bezel-free design, offering a more immersive visual experience.
  • Wide selection of products – Dell has something for everyone in its wide-ranging catalogue of laptops. Whether it is for a gamer, a general-purpose user, business-minded consumer, student, or a budget-conscious buyer, there is a Dell laptop with your name on it.
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History of Dell

Dell Inc, formerly known as PC’s Limited from 1984 to 1988, and Dell Computer Corporation from 1988 to 2003, is a global company involved in the designing, development, and manufacturing of personal computers along with a wide array of computer-related products.

Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, Dell was established in 1984 by an American by the name of Michael Dell, who was, at the time, still a student at the University of Texas in Austin.

Dell ran the business from his dorm room and started out by providing customized upgrades for standard PCs. The venture proved to be quite profitable, and Dell was able to leave college within the same year to start building PCs of his own.

In 1985, the company released the Turbo PC, which was the first computer that featured Dell’s own unique design.
The company was established on the premise of creating and selling PCs that were custom-built directly to consumers and the company initially sold the products it produced through advertisements as well as various mail-order catalogues.

Dell was able to offer the high-quality, customized PCs at affordable prices by avoiding traditional retail markets and the costs associated with these. Dell has always emphasized customer support and sent technicians to service PCs, implementing a policy associated with risk-free returns.
This business model proved to be successful, and the company quickly grew and expanded into international markets, becoming public by 1988.

During the 21st century, Dell had expanded its product line to include a variety of televisions, digital cameras, and computer related products, accessories, and components.
The name Dell Inc. was adopted during 2003 to signify a more into broader consumer electronics markets.

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Frequently Asked Question

  • How long do Dell laptops last on average?

    Up to 7 years. The typical rule of thumb is that the more expensive the laptop, the longer it will last as these machines contain quality components.
  • Which Dell laptop is best?

    Of all the various models, the XPS line is the best-rated.
  • Are Dell laptops reliable?

    Yes. However, it will depend on the model that you buy, what it is used for, and how well it is maintained.
  • Is Dell good quality?

    Yes. Dell is a reputable and well-known brand that has been part of the computer and electronics world since the early 1980s.
  • Is it safe to buy Dell laptop online?

    Yes. However, this will depend on whether you purchase your laptop from anywhere other than an official provider or partner of Dell.
  • What are Dell laptops known for?

    Dell laptops are known for their reliability, strong performance, and great build quality.
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