HP Probook 450

HP Probook 450: Everything You Should Know Guide 

The HP Probook 450 is one of the best midrange-level laptops on the market and is a great device to buy if you don’t want to compromise on high power and functionality but also don’t want to break the bank! 

The HP Probook 450 comes in different G editions but the latest is the G9. In this article, we are referring to the series overall but specifically to the G9 throughout. 

The device is one of the quietest HP laptops on the market and has a smooth feel to using it along with a sleek and slender design. Despite this, it still operates very efficiently like some of the bigger boys on the market with efficient processing speeds and a great long-lasting battery. 

If the HP Probook 450 has been on your radar for being your new laptop but you’re not quite sure if it’s the right fit, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we go through everything you should know about the HP Probook 450 to help you make that decision a little bit easier. 

We go through the key specifications, some of the pros and cons, and just delve deep into the laptop’s overall performance. Oh, and if you’ve already got the Hp Probook 450, we’ll give you some handy tips about the device including how to remove the battery. 

Does this sound interesting or helpful to you? Have a scroll below to find out more. 

Key Specs of the HP Probook 450 

Display: 15.6 inches 1366 x 768 (HD) or 1920 x 1080 (Full HED)

Ram: Variable 8GB up to 64GB

Storage: Variable 128GB up to 2TB (with a SSD) 

Size: 14.5 x 9.32 x 0.78

Weight: 3.8lbs

Graphics: Intel Core or Intel Iris- depending on Probook 450 version 

Ports: HDMI 1.4b, Micro SD Card Readers, 4 x USB Type A and C

Battery Life: 10 Hours with standard light use, around 6-7.5 hours with regular use. Brightness has a big impact on the longevity of battery life, so reduce this if you’re away from your charger for a prolonged period of time. 

Processors: 11th Generation Intel Core Processors. 

Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11ax, 3.5 Combo Audio Jack

More Details about the HP Probook 450

What is the processing like for programmes on the HP Probook 450?

For the price and size of the device, the speeds are powerful and fast on the HP Probook 450 laptops. You can comfortably run standard office programs such as Microsoft and Adobe apps like Word, Excel, Photoshop, and Premier on all the HP ProBooks. 

However, if you’re a video editor or are an avid gamer that will require fast speeds at all times, we would definitely recommend that you choose or upgrade your HP ProBook 450 so it has at least 16GB ram to optimise use. 

How Customizable is the HP Probook 450 ?

The HP Probook 450 is one of the most customizable and budget-friendly laptops on the market and is designed for hybrid workstyles. On the device, you can easily upgrade its RAM, battery, and storage. 

However, unfortunately, on the HP Probook 450, you can’t upgrade graphics cards as the Intel HD Graphics are all embedded into the motherboard. So, unless you replaced this, which would cost you a lot of money, upgrading your graphics cards would be off the table.

How to Remove the Battery from HP Probook 450 

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to remove the battery from the HP Probook 450. Whether you need a replacement battery or just need to sort out an issue with it, it’s very handy to know how to remove it. There are video tutorials on how to do so, but we will quickly break down how you do it as it is fairly simple and nothing to get worked up about. 

One important thing you should do is to make sure you turn the computer off. It can severely damage the battery if you don’t do this. Next, you need to locate the release buttons, they’re on the bottom of the laptop towards the back and there is one on each side. Here you need to push and release the right-hand button and push and hold the release on the left-hand button. 

After that, a compartment should open, and you will see the battery. You can now gently remove the battery and solve whatever problem you need to.

The Display and Design of the HP Probook 450

The design of the HP Probook 450 is pretty damn cool with a smooth and artistic finish, especially on the latest versions of the G8 and G9s. It’s a minimalistic look from afar but is fitted with plenty of useful ports including an SD card reader, headphone input, multiple USB ports, an HDMI, and of course a charging port. 

It also has a very good touchpad which is spacious and well-arranged with separate and easy-use right and left-click buttons. The screen has full HD in the later HP ProBooks 450s and HD in the earlier ones which provide aesthetic and sharp finishings on its 1080p screen resolution whilst browsing. However, the color gamut could be improved, and is one of the weakest parts of the laptop’s display.

How Much is the HP Probook 450 

The cost of a HP Probook 450 will vary depending on the edition you get. The latest G9 edition I3 version will cost you around R11 280 (USD), and the I5 version will cost you around R19 457, brand new from PC International and this can increase depending on if you get any upgrades including display, ram, and storage upgrades. 

However, G8 Versions are still available and you can find them for as low as R14 111

Pros of the HP Probook 450

The HP Probook 450 is fitted with a quality and durable design made with strong metals and plastics and aluminium being used for the lid. 

– Lightweight compared to other HP ProBooks and other similar laptops only the market with it weighing in at only 3.8lbs making it very portable and easy to carry around.

– An extensive number of upgrade options including both RAM and storage upgrades which can both be easily upgraded to fit your laptop needs. They’re also fairly easy to replace and there are several video tutorials out there that can help you out. 

– Long battery life. Seeing as the battery is reasonably small in size and lightweight, the fact it lasts for nearly 10 hours on mild use is incredible

– Awesome precision touchpad! 

– Super-fast chip speed.

The HP Probook 450 is spill-resistant meaning you don’t have to worry as much about having that coffee while you’re working. Of course, we recommend you’re still careful because it isn’t entirely waterproof, so it is better to be safe than sorry. 

Cons of the HP Probook 450

– The device uses aggressive PWM for its display and brightness from 0-99% which is known for not being the best.

– On occasions, it has reached high temperatures in what is called stress tests which means the HP Probook 450 may not be the best at dealing with overload. This may mean you have to be more careful with how many tasks you’re running on your laptop.

– Less color gamut than other laptops on the market which can affect the quality of the display. 

– Will need upgraded RAM of 16+ for gaming and extensive video editing

– Sound is acceptable for everyday use but if you’re working specifically on audio projects then this might not be the laptop for you as we found the sound is weaker than others you can find on the market. 

– The screen bezels could be a tad thinner for optimum display (but that’s just us being a bit picky!)

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it – that’s an overview of pretty much everything you need to know about the HP Probook 450. As you can tell, it seems like a pretty great option with a reasonable price, ultra-fast chip speeds, and a durable yet sleek design. Despite having a few flaws including in its display and reduced ability to deal with stress on occasions causing high temperatures we’d definitely recommend it for those looking for an everyday use laptop. 

You might have come to this article to find out how to remove the battery from your device as that tended to be a common question we got asked. So, if that was the case, we hope our description was successful. If you did like this article or have any questions do let us know in the comments below, we love hearing from you guys.

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