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Intel Motherboards

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Motherboards for Intel CPUs

Buy Motherboards For Intel CPUs Online

For a rock solid and stable, reliable motherboard, capitalize on an Intel motherboard from the PC International online store. Decide what features suit you best then match them to an Intel motherboard from our range of MSI, Gigabyte and ASUS motherboards all perfected for desktops and laptops. The PC International Intel motherboard range offers a number of slots, port and header options as well as Intel motherboards with specialised features. Enjoy an MSI motherboard with multiple memory slots allowing you to max out on RAM.

Choose an MSI motherboard with integrated Red Green and Blue LED lightening and enjoy an illuminated dragon logo. Combining high performance with functionality, the Gigabyte motherboard range delivers a solid feature set with great capabilities. Choose a Gigabyte motherboard that excels at overclocked DRAM performance. Experience the combination of ample power, faster memory support and intelligent cooling construction when you select an ASUS motherboard.

Our motherboard selection of brands include MSI, Asus and Gigabyte. Our model numbers for Intel CPUs vary from H310, H410, B365, B460, Z390, Z490 and X299.