Best 8GB RAM Laptops in South Africa

Buying a laptop can be complicated if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. 

On the other hand, if you’ve already set out some parameters to guide your decision, sifting through the thousands of different laptop models available for purchase could be a frustrating exercise.

If you aren’t looking to blow your savings on a super-powered laptop, you’re most likely looking for one that can perform just about everything your school or job demands of you. Odds are an 8GB RAM laptop will do the trick. 

Wondering what are the best 8BG laptops? We got you covered. Read our expert guide here and learn all you need to know about purchasing an 8GB RAM laptop. 

Is 8GB RAM Enough for Laptop 2022?

Before we answer this question, defining what you’ll use your laptop for – if you haven’t already done so – is a prerequisite for determining whether 8GB of RAM is enough for a laptop in 2022.

If you plan on using your laptop for office or school-related work or projects, the odds are that 8GB of RAM will be more than enough to handle programs that aren’t too heavy. Casual gamers will also find that this quantity will be sufficient for running games that are on the lighter side in terms of overall size.

Furthermore, for those of you that are in the business of creating content, 8GB of RAM will do just fine for editing videos in 1080p resolution; For anything more demanding, you’re probably going to find the video editing process a little slower. 

Is 8GB enough for a laptop in 2022? Let’s just say that it wouldn’t hurt to purchase an 8GB RAM laptop that has the option of upgrading its RAM capacity in case you find that the programs you’re trying to run on your laptop are a tad bit slow. 

For example, if you’re looking to run heavy games, edit videos in 4K resolution, or use complex development software, 16 GB of RAM will most certainly do the trick.

Is a 8GB RAM Fast?

Now that we’ve established whether an 8GB RAM laptop is the right choice for you determining whether an 8GB RAM laptop is fast enough truly comes down to personal preference.

Let’s make one thing clear: The reason why 8GB RAM laptops are so popular is that they provide a great blend of speed and capacity in conjunction with their overall economic value. It’s not going to be lightning-fast in comparison to its 16GB and 32GB counterparts, but unless you’re utilising heavy or complex programs, 8GB of RAM will be more than enough.

Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that having more RAM on your laptop doesn’t mean that it’ll run faster. Having less, however, does mean that it can slow down more frequently. 

One surefire way to check if you have enough RAM on your current laptop (and thus use it as a reference for your next one) is to open every single application you use on a daily basis, pull up Task Manager and open up the performance panel. If your current laptop is using up more than 80-90% of its memory, you’ll likely want to upgrade its RAM capacity.

For example, consider a 32GB RAM laptop. If it only uses up 41% of its total memory capacity, this renders an upgrade completely useless (albeit 32 GB is already quite an exorbitant amount of RAM for a conventional laptop). 

So, is a 8GB RAM fast? We’d say that it most certainly can be as long as you don’t plan on running 50-gigabyte games or programs. Without further ado, let’s move on to our list of the best 8GB RAM laptops on the market!

Which is the Best Laptop With 8GB RAM?

1. Acer Swift 3:The Well-Rounded Pick

If you’re someone that isn’t looking for anything too flashy and just wants a thin, light, and portable laptop that doesn’t give them scoliosis from hauling it around from Point A to Point B, you’ll like what this has to offer. If you just need it to perform the most basic of school or work-related tasks, the Acer Swift 3 is probably the right choice for you. 

Reasonably priced in comparison to its other 8GB counterparts, the Swift 3 has all of the following:

  • Vibrant display
  • Aesthetically-pleasing keyboard
  • Great 9-10 hour battery life

Additionally, its portability-focused design means that working on the go will become easier than ever; there’s nothing worse than having to haul a 5-pound brick from class to class or office to office.

In terms of overall downsides, the trackpad resists clicking just a tad bit much for our liking. You’re going to have to end up clearing a bunch of bloatware to ensure it runs up to par – something that’s become all too common with Acer-brand laptops.

2. Lenovo Yoga 7 2-in-1: A Sleek Convertible

There’s no better feeling than coming home from a long day of work and just pulling up a movie on your favourite streaming service to watch from the comfort of your own bed. For those of us without 48-inch flat-screen TVs in our bedrooms, such an experience will only be enhanced thanks to Lenovo’s 2-in-1 convertible with the following features:

  • Solid display
  • 9 hours of battery life
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Sleek design

This is arguably as good as it gets for convertible 8GB laptops. For work-related purposes, the keyboard and trackpad feel soothing and responsive. Nevertheless, if you’re willing to sacrifice the fact that it isn’t compatible with stylus pens – a major calling card for convertible laptops – and aren’t looking to run games of any sort, you can’t do worse for a 2-in-1.

3. Asus Zenbook 14: Pure Power

The Asus Zenbook 14 could end up being an incredibly wise purchase at an excellent price point for what it offers. This is for people looking for raw power who don’t have the budgetary means to shell out thousands of dollars for a 16GB or 32GB RAM laptop. This is particularly relevant if you’re someone who likes to game or uses video editing software frequently.

Powered by a notoriously strong AMD Ryzen processor, its overall performance is top-notch compared to the other picks on this list. It also comes with an acceptable design (albeit nothing flashy) that enhances its portability and a pretty back-lit keyboard. Did we forget to mention that it blows every 8GB RAM competitor out of the water with its 12-hour battery life?

The small keys on its keyboard setup might be annoying to deal with – especially for gamers – but when it comes to overall quality and state-of-the-art performance, this Zenbook is as close as you are getting within the constraints of 8GB of RAM.

4. HP Pavilion: The Budget Choice

Looking for something that can do a bit of everything at a price point that is far below the rest of the 8GB RAM laptop competition? Well, the HP Pavilion – in its 13.3′ and 15′ FHD variations might just be the device you’re looking for. Laptops are an often expensive investment, and whilst you might regret a hefty purchase down the line, we promise this won’t be the case in this instance. You get: 

  • Attractive overall design
  • Splendid, bright display
  • Tons of connectivity and peripheral options

With these features, there’s not much the HP Pavilion can’t do for you. It’s also great for young students who, alongside getting their schoolwork done, also want to do a bit of casual gaming without having to fork out the cash for a heavy-duty gaming laptop.

Nonetheless, its battery life can leave you wanting for more at times, especially if you’re someone who travels a lot and likes to get work done on longer flights.  

5. MSI GF63 Thin: Gaming on a Budget

While some gaming PCs on the market are certainly worth the price of admission, many can’t spend a lot on a laptop that will mostly be used for gaming purposes and some office work. Here’s where the MSI GF63 Thin comes into play.

What makes this model different from other gaming laptops is partially in the name – the MSI GF63 is indeed thinner than 99% of the competition – and its price point. It’s more than capable of playing everyday e-sports games such as Fortnite, League of Legends, and Rocket League, and its keyboard has a variety of lighting options if you’re into that sort of flashy design.

Rival models may perform better than MSI’s model or last longer battery-wise. But for an 8GB RAM laptop, the gaming experience won’t be matched by other competitors. 

6. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5: The Student’s Pick

For home office aficionados or high school and college students, 2-in-1 functionality is the name of the game in 2022. While many models may be too expensive for some buyers or lack particular features, this model finds a common middle ground. Although it has been discontinued by its producer, many consider the Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 to be an underrated gem. 

This laptop boasts rock-solid performance and the capability to handle large programs. It combines the benefits of tablet computing with better abilities, such as:

  • Great audio quality from its speakers
  • Sleek keyboard design that responds well to your fingers
  • Unheard of 14-16 hour battery life

This 2-in-1 is perfect for those of you who are often on the go and want a laptop that performs excellently over longer periods of time. If you’ve said yes to “Is 8GB enough for a laptop in 2022?”, then you’ll love the storage and extra features. 

Wrap Up

Is 8GB of RAM enough for a laptop in 2022? Again, the answer to this question solely depends on what it is that you’re looking to get out of your laptop. But for many people who are just using their devices for everyday use like basic work tasks, surfing, and some gaming, this could be the perfect amount. Which is the best laptop with 8GB of RAM? Consider the options mentioned above, and see which one best meets your needs and preferences. Armed with this information and an excellent selection from PC International, you can easily find your next 8GB RAM laptop.

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