Acer or Lenovo?

Acer Laptop VS Lenovo Laptop

So we’re down to the age-old question: Which is better, Lenovo or Acer? They’re both giants in the laptop world, so it’s a tough question to answer.

No matter what you need a laptop for, whether it’s work, gaming, or streaming your favourite movies – there are so many options to choose from, it can get overwhelming. From powerhouse gaming laptops that let you kick your virtual enemies to the curb, to portable convertible laptops for virtual assistants on the go – these brands have it all.

We talk about features, performance, budget, and more. So let’s get all up in this tech, and find out which laptop prevails as the winner!

Acer Laptops: Overview

Interestingly enough, Acer started its tech journey in 1976, a couple of years before Lenovo! They’ve got a super diverse lineup of products, and have been one of the drivers in laptop tech for years. Although they are definitely usually a better option for those on a budget, it doesn’t mean they slack in performance.

When it comes to gaming laptops, Acer has also made its mark with some great options for gamers. For example, the Predator series has some incredible graphics! Pair this with Acer laptops as one of the most affordable and accessible laptop brands on the market, and you’re golden! Acer laptops have some great aesthetics, with their sleek designs.

Acer laptops tend to be known as budget laptops, but their performance can get pretty competitive. The Predator Helios line has really robust processors and great cooling systems, so performance can almost match Lenovo in some cases – but for cheaper.

In the Lenovo vs Acer showdown, Acer can stand its ground. But let’s talk about Lenovo for a second.

Lenovo Laptops: Overview

There are tons of laptops out there for you to choose from, but we’re kind of hooked on this Lenovo vs Acer battle right now. Lenovo lives up to its name – well, the original name. Back in the day, when they started the company in 1984, the company was originally called “Legend”! They’re a real powerhouse brand in the world of laptop tech, and a household name.

Lenovo makes reliable business laptops in the professional world. Lenovo laptops are built to last to follow along your career path, and Lenovo gaming laptops have some peak-performance specs. Their sleek aesthetics are easily recognisable and incredibly innovative.

You’ve probably heard of their stylish ThinkPads (in fact, these laptops have been used in tons of NASA space missions!) and their signature ergonomic TrackPoint makes life easier, too. There’s also the Yoga series, where the laptop designs show off some flexibility we’ve never seen before. Lenovo laptops typically think outside the box.

In the battle of Lenovo vs Acer, Lenovo is a force to be reckoned with. But let’s get into the specifics!


Acer laptops

Design is a difficult thing to wage against, as everyone has their own personal preference. Acer is more about practicality than modern designs and tends to look a little more basic. However, just because they prioritise functionality over design doesn’t mean they’re unattractive!

With performance over design, Acer does deserve an honourable mention for its portability. They’re super lightweight, easy to use, and practical. But Lenovo stands out for its design!

Lenovo laptops – Winner

Lenovo has some of the best designs when it comes to their laptops, beating out most of the competition. The ThinkPad series is more professional and modern, and these business laptops are one of their specialities.

However, the Yoga series is truly something to marvel at, with its 2-in-1 convertible options. The Yoga 720 with a premium aluminium finish is elegant, flexible, and fun!

So in terms of design in the Lenovo vs Acer comparison, Lenovo takes the trophy.

Performance, Build, And Hardware

Acer laptops

Acer shows off some impressive performance specs in the Acer Predator Helios and Triton series. These laptops have epic Intel Core processors and NVIDIA graphics cards, meaning you can take on hardcore professional tasks, excel at video editing, and game away all day.

Acer has a lot of SSD space in their laptops, showing off smooth system performance while still making sure you have enough storage. The Acer laptop has optimised software systems, too. They’re built sturdy and robust and can handle a good couple of years of wear and tear. The keyboards are usually spill-resistant, and the Acer laptop is long-lasting, even in challenging conditions, like working on the go.

Lenovo laptops – Winner

As we said before, Lenovo laptops are truly powerhouses in business, especially models like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon. Powered by 8th Gen Intel i7 processors, these laptops have incredible speeds with the ability to multitask. This is great for professionals who need to run a lot of different apps and web pages at once.

The Lenovo laptop is usually equipped with tons of spacious SSDs, with optional HDDs available for any extra storage needs. Although performance is peak, it doesn’t mean that the Lenovo laptop is overly expensive or not affordable.

Lenovo laptops also place durability first, with solid construction. These laptops can handle a lot of travel, plus wear and tear. It boasts quality materials, with comfort as one of the main goals, too.

Battery Life

Acer laptops – Winner

In the ongoing Lenovo vs Acer battle, Acer laptops win this one, for sure!

Their battery life is super impressive, knocking out even the most premium brands on the market. The higher-end options, like the Acer Swift 3x, have extended battery life without you needing to charge it all the time. They can last 12 hours, or more if you aren’t using high-performance. Other models like the Acer Nitro can last 6 hours on Wi-Fi, without having to charge it at all!

Acer has well-optimized software and amazing battery-saving systems. Their longevity is superior, meaning you can use this laptop all day without it dying!

Lenovo laptops

Lenovo laptops have a competitive battery life, too – don’t get us wrong. They’re reliable and can endure long periods of use. The average battery life for high-end models is 10-12 hours for lines like ThinkPad. This is pretty impressive, too, and it’s consistent.

However, Lenovo’s battery life still can’t beat the Acer – in a general sense. Of course, this depends on the model you go for. Both Acer and Lenovo have excellent battery life.

Software, Bloatware, And User Experience

Acer laptops

Both Acer and Lenovo laptops are different in terms of pre-installed software and the overall user experience they offer.

Acer has worked hard to minimize bloatware and unnecessary pre-installed software. Which, for user experience, can be super annoying. Even though they’ve tried to streamline the user interface, some models still have frustrating bloatware and unnecessary pre-installed software.

However, Acer’s software updates and support are handled pretty well through the Acer Care Center, making sure that you receive essential updates and patches to improve your overall user experience. Whether you opt for the sleek Acer Swift series or the powerful Acer Nitro gaming laptops, Acer’s efforts to make the experience better for you can be worth it.

Lenovo laptops – Winner

But again, when it comes down to Lenovo vs Acer in software, bloatware, and user experience – Lenovo wins once more!

Lenovo laptops generally have a cleaner user experience. There are fewer pre-installed software and bloatware, making it a much more appealing option. Lenovo prioritizes user experience and customer service, offering a smooth and less cluttered interface.

Their software updates and support are handled really well, and swiftly, meaning you can get updates without your performance getting messed up. This doesn’t mean they don’t have bloatware though, but it does mean they run a lot smoother than most brands. Whether you go for a new laptop from the ThinkPad or Lenovo Swift series, it doesn’t really change!

Gaming Laptops Comparison

Acer laptops

Let’s compare Lenovo vs Acer in the gaming world.

Acer is known for its Predator Helios and Nitro lines, which both stand as reliable entry-level gaming laptops for the hobby gamer.

Acer is better when it comes to budget gaming, but performance-wise, it can’t beat Lenovo. While Acer’s gaming laptops may not match the high-end performance of Lenovo’s offerings, they can still handle basic gaming. Higher-tier models like the Acer Predator Triton 500 have powerful performance and the ability to handle newer games with intense graphics and extended gameplay.

You can expect to pay around R17,000 for a decent Acer gaming laptop, like the Acer Swift 5. Some more expensive models have impressive features like up to 300Hz refresh rates, though!

Lenovo laptops – Winner

Lenovo’s gaming laptops, especially their Legion gaming laptops, have much better overall performance and faster processors. This makes them ideal for intense gameplay, and the newer games that require better graphics.

These laptops have a strong build quality, like the Lenovo Legion 7 with its durable aluminium construction. This means your laptop can handle long gaming sessions! However, this super high-end laptop can cost you around R42,500, which is… a bit heavy, to say the least! But they do come equipped with some really cool features, like per-key RGB lighting and stable touchpads.

You could also go for the Legion 5 for a slightly cheaper option, which is still really impressive in the gaming world! Overall, Lenovo offers some of the best gaming laptops around.


Acer laptops – Winner

Acer has established a reputation for offering more budget-friendly options across its laptop brand lineup. They have tons of reliable, cost-effective solutions for professionals and gamers alike, without sacrificing features and functionality.

You can go for a new laptop like the Chromebooks, which are budget-friendly, everyday laptops, or the Nitro and Swift ranges. Acer is definitely more accessible for students, as well. They’re the cheapest laptop brand that still offers some great performance.

Lenovo laptops

Lenovo, on the other hand, generally falls into a higher price range than Acer. It’s considered a more premium laptop brand, with a focus on peak performance, build quality, and creative features. That’s why you’ll see them in the super expensive, locked-up section of the shops!

Because they’re often used as gaming laptops, it can really kick up the price. Rest assured, though – it’s worth it. Lenovo has excellent value with awesome performance. If you’re looking for something a bit more casual and accessible, though, Acer should be your go-to.


Which laptop is better, Acer or Lenovo?

In general, Lenovo is better than Acer in terms of performance, battery life, and more. Acer, however, is the cheaper option.

Is Acer a good choice for a laptop?

Acer is a great laptop for business, especially for virtual assistants. They are lightweight, easy to use, and have great performance.

Is Lenovo considered a high-quality laptop brand?

Although there are higher quality laptop brands out there, Lenovo offers various high-quality features at a reasonable price.


At PC International we gave you the facts, and now it’s up to you to make the decision. Lenovo rears its head as the winner between the two in most aspects. It excels in design, performance, user experience, and in gaming.

However, Acer beats Lenovo out when it comes to battery life and price. If you’re looking for better performance overall, Lenovo is the top choice. If you’re on a budget and want something a little more casual, Acer wins!


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