What Are the Asus Laptop Prices in South Africa? [Biggest Discount]

If you’re in the market for an Asus laptop, you may see prices anywhere from R 6,000 to R 15,000. But what should you be paying to get a good quality laptop and the most value for your money? We’ve compiled a list of the best prices for different models to make sure you find what you need at an affordable price.

This article will help you save on your next purchase without missing out on key features. Check out the best Asus laptop price in South Africa.

What is the Price of an Asus Laptop in South Africa?

The Asus laptop price varies depending on what type of laptop you need. More cost-effective models lack processing power and storage space. Ram is also limited as well to keep costs low. These models are good for people who either use a laptop regularly for basic programs or for people who just need to use a laptop occasionally for work. 

More expensive models can store more data and run faster with less of a wait time. High processing power means more powerful programs can be run in addition to high-quality video games and videos.

Most of the best-selling Asus laptops are in the R 6,000 to R 10,000 range, though popular gaming laptops can cost more than R 22,000 with additional features like external hard drives, an extended warranty, and more RAM. You can expect to pay more than R 15,000 for a model with an i7 processor.

What is an Average Asus Laptop Price?

The average Asus price depends on your unique specifications and usage. The average price you can expect to pay for an Asus laptop in South Africa is anywhere between R 5,000 to R 7,000 for a basic model. The Asus X409FA-I382G0T has an i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage for around R 7,000, which will work for the average user.

Dedicated to purpose-driven innovation, Asus was the best-selling brand of laptops in South Africa for 2021 and claims over 7% of the world market share of PC shipments due to several factors. One reason was their competitive pricing in an ever-changing market. 

Without sacrificing quality, Asus produced efficient and durable laptops for an affordable price. With most standard Asus models being under R 10,000 and periodic sales that allow for better savings, the Asus laptop models are perfect for both beginners and tech-savvy typists.

Factors on Which Pricing of a Laptop Depends

Pricing for Asus laptops depends on several factors, including the processing power, storage, graphics card, and battery life. For basic laptop units in South Africa, you can find a much more affordable price since there aren’t as many components involved. 

While HDD storage is more cost effective than SSD storage, it takes a little longer to load data. For some, this won’t be noticeable, but for those who run powerful programs it can be a dilemma. The same goes for graphics cards and processing power. Battery life depends on how long you’ll need to use the computer away from the charger, which won’t be an issue for some.

Processing power is a major factor in determining the price of your laptop. The best processor depends on what you’re looking for. If you need a short-term solution for work that doesn’t require a lot of power, an older processor can get the job done. 

An i3 will be enough for those who just need to work on documents, send files, or check emails. An i7 can run highly-detailed games and powerful programs that would crash less powerful computers. An i5 processor is the safest middle-ground that does more than a basic model but is more cost-effective than newer technology.

More powerful models will cost more. For example, the Asus ZenBook Pro Duo comes with an i7 processor, 16 GB or ram, and 1TB of SSD storage with a price tag of almost R 50,000. This high-end laptop can be used to run powerful programs, but not everyone needs that kind of power. 

The bottom line with price factors is that personalizing a laptop to your specific needs means potentially spending more to accommodate that. Even so, we still rank Asus as the brand with the most customer satisfaction.

Asus i5 Laptop Price in South Africa

Depending on the details, an Asus i5 laptop ranges from R 10,000 to R 13,000. This mid-range processing power is the perfect balance between a high-powered laptop and the basic model. With an i5, the laptop can handle more powerful programs and games than an i3 processor, but not as much as the i7. 

It’s the perfect middle ground for someone who needs to use a laptop more than every once in a while and needs a little extra strength from their device. Depending on customized details like additional storage, either SSD or HDD, the price can increase to meet your specific needs. Even so, we’ve determined that Asus i5 models are still one of the most affordable and customer-approved personal computers you can find.

What is the Price of Asus i7 Laptops in South Africa?  

When looking at the powerful i7 models of Asus laptops, you can expect to spend anywhere from R 13,000 to upwards of R 15,000. These devices are designed with top-of-the-line hardware to allow for maximum performance. These computers are a great investment for gamers who need that kind of speed and power to run high-quality video games or professionals who use their computers for work regularly.

These models have additional options such as more RAM and storage space that can increase the price depending on your specifications. While some can get by with less storage and ram, professional gamers may want to invest further to ensure their PCs live long, productive lives. 

What is the Price of an Asus i3 Laptop in South Africa?  

The cost of an i3 laptop in South Africa ranges from R 6,000 to R 10,000 depending on the specs. This basic model can run the most commonly used apps and programs needed for work, in addition to some simple games that don’t require a lot of power to run. You can save more money with this model by selecting cost-effective storage options.

Adding more memory can increase the price, but allow you to save more data and operate faster without needing to purchase a stronger processor. This is a great budget option for someone who needs a computer on the go but doesn’t need all the upgrades to go with it.


Purchasing a new laptop can be stressful with how many details are involved, but Asus has plenty of options to choose from that are affordable. A basic model is affordable and easy to use, while more powerful models are designed for gaming and heavy-duty workloads.

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