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Best Gaming Laptop With SSD [2023] 

Are you looking to invest in a new laptop with SSD for gaming? Are you wondering which is the best gaming laptop with SSD?

When choosing a gaming laptop, we know that you’re looking for one that combines performance and portability at an affordable price. A good gaming laptop avoids having a monitor, keyboard, and mouse set-up that can take up a lot of extra space. 

In this article, we’ll explore whether you should invest in SSD and which gaming laptop best suits your needs. We write on factors like your budget, your take on battery life, and other specifications like weight and portability. 

Consider whether you need to carry your laptop around in your backpack and if you’re interested in using it to work from home as well as for gaming during your off-work hours. These essential aspects could help determine which machine is best for you, so bear these factors in mind as you keep reading.

Read on to learn whether gaming laptops need SSD and which laptops are suitable for gaming. We’ll also make some great suggestions to help you choose your ideal machine and answer the question, “Which laptop is best with SSD?”

Do Gaming Laptops Need SSD?

Is SSD important for gaming laptop? More to the point: what is SSD?

An SSD is a solid-state drive, which is faster and more efficient than a mechanical hard disk drive. So what are the benefits of using an SSD over a hard disk drive for a gaming computer?

  • Smaller: SSDs are smaller and thinner than hard disk drives. That means they’re more efficient and perform better. What’s more, they weigh less than their traditional counterparts.
  • Less Noisy: If you’re used to your hard drive buzzing, spinning, and making loud and distracting sounds, you’ll notice a tremendous difference with SSDs. While hard disk drives (HDDs) are made of multiple moving parts that make noise when they operate, SSDs have no moving parts and are much quieter.
  • They Don’t Overheat: Since SSDs don’t have spinning and vibrating parts, they also don’t overheat inside your computer. This is especially important during long gaming sessions, especially when you’re playing the latest titles in high graphics mode.
  • They Use Less Power: This is an excellent benefit of using the SSD over the hard disk drive. You won’t find your battery draining as quickly, so you’ll be able to sneak in some unplugged gaming sessions when needed. As a bonus, you won’t spend as much on your energy bills.

So is SSD important for gaming laptop? While it’s not vital, SSD technology can certainly improve your gaming experience, especially if you’re planning to play the latest games or do some unplugged gaming.

Are Gaming Laptops Good For Gaming?

Traditionally, desktops have been the primary choice for gaming. However, there are several reasons why gaming laptops may be more practical for many consumers.

  • Easier to carry: Naturally, it’s much easier to transport a laptop than a whole tower computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse. What’s more, laptops are much lighter–and you can use them anywhere, not just in your home.
  • Quieter: Desktop computers are often noisier than laptops. This all depends on your components and what kind of cooling system you have. Building a quiet-running desktop can be more expensive than buying a portable computer that incorporates those parts.
  • Versatile: When you buy a desktop computer, you have to commit to putting it somewhere and leaving it there. With a portable computer, you can use it for various tasks, such as recording in a studio space or working in a coffee shop.

Finding the Best SSD Gaming Laptop

So which laptop is best with SSD? In our offer there’s a whole range of SSD laptops available depending on your specific needs. Let’s select a few standout options and go over the highlights of each one.

1. Dell Inspiron 5525 G15

This laptop is excellent for those sticking to a budget. It provides a high-quality gaming experience at a reasonable price.

Our reviewers point out that the G15 has a better display and graphics processing unit (GPU) than just about any other laptop at its price point. Additionally, the solid-state device means it won’t overheat or operate noisily like many lower-budget portable computers.

Overall, this laptop is a great all-rounder with solid components and reliably outstanding performance. You’ll have a hard time beating the price-to-quality ratio of the Dell G15.

2. Asus TUF Dash F15

This laptop condenses some truly spectacular graphics processing power into a small MSRP. While the processor may not be the most modern, we never experienced any glitches or our game slowing down when testing this impressive little machine. What’s ideal here is that the spec has a one-terabyte SSD, which is incredible for such a compact device.

We haven’t noticed any overheating issues for this laptop, even during long sessions. The TUF Dash is a budget-friendly machine that performs well across the board.

3. Alienware X15

Alienware is one of the most recognizable names in portable gaming laptops. True to form, the X15 is incredibly thin and has an impressive performance to match. This is also one of the more affordable gaming laptops made by the company.

The Alienware X15’s super-slim design is one of its major draws. The build quality is what’s most impressive here. The fact it’s so slim might make you think it won’t be as efficient; in reality, everything it needs to run is tightly packed in there. 

Every game we played super well and without glitches. The impeccable quality and attention to detail are everything we’ve come to expect from this high-end manufacturer.

Overall, this machine is quiet, powerful, and easy to take with you anywhere. It’s an excellent choice for those who can splash the extra cash. What’s more, it’ll fit neatly in your backpack or whatever you’re planning to tote it around in.

4. Acer Aspire Nitro

The Acer Aspire Nitro is one of our favorite mid-price options for a gaming laptop. It has solid components and falls comfortably within budget for many buyers.

Acer has built a name for itself as a portable gaming computer maker that delivers reliable quality at an affordable price point. The Aspire Nitro is a terrific choice for a keen gamer who doesn’t have a lot of cash to splurge on it. Since this laptop is a solid all-rounder, you can use it to work from home and play games outside your office hours. 

The Acer Aspire Nitro is a fantastic, no-frills budget gaming computer that balances price and performance and prioritizes essential functions over flair. Overall, this is an outstanding laptop that provides a nice balance between having great features and top-of-the-range pricing.

Wrap Up

We’ve been testing and reviewing laptops for years, so when you ask, “Is SSD important for gaming laptop?” and we say “Yes,” you can trust we know what we’re talking about. Furthermore, when you follow up by asking, “Which laptop is best with SSD?” you’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you check out our recommendations above. 

The crucial takeaway is that only you can decide which features are most important to you and how much you’re willing to spend. Think about what matters most to you and base your decision on that. 

For instance, consider which of these factors are most important to you: a quiet laptop, battery life, speed, screen size, and graphics. Make a list of aspects you’re not willing to compromise on and match your budget to suit your needs. Don’t forget to consider your lifestyle and the other tasks you might need a computer for; it’s a significant investment and one you’ll want to get right.

Whatever you decide your primary needs are, we guarantee you’ll find an SSD machine on this list that fits the bill. Choosing one of these top-tier SSD gaming laptops will put you well on your way toward the gaming experience of your dreams!

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