Best RAM for Laptop

Are you looking for the best ram for laptop computers? We’ve got you covered! There are many options on the market, and deciding which type and which brand of RAM is best can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled this guide to help you discover which brand of RAM is best for your computer.

Knowing what your computer needs to run better and faster will help you decide which type of RAM is best for your laptop. Take a look at what different brands offer and what they can do for your computer.

Which Type of RAM is Best For Laptop? 

Not sure where to start? The best ram for laptop depends on the user and what you need the computer for. Those who want to stick to the basics and won’t use their laptops often won’t need as much RAM. Users who tend to run light programs will also see a lower need for RAM. 

For an advanced user, 8 GB of RAM is the bare minimum. Those who rely more on their laptops will need more computing power and memory to run smoothly. Video editing programs hog memory, so you’ll need more to make sure your computer doesn’t slow down.

Do RAM Brands Matter? 

While the brand name doesn’t matter necessarily, you should be aware of existing warranties and return policies in case something goes wrong. Just because a brand is well known doesn’t mean that their products are of suitable quality, nor does it mean that they have a functioning return policy that puts consumers first.

When looking at which brand is best, consider the company policies when you purchase to ensure you not only get a good deal but that you get quality customer service as well. This will make all the difference if you encounter problems with the hardware.

Which Brand of RAM is Best? 

Unsurprisingly, most big brands don’t manufacture the components in-house. Knowing this, Corsair and Samsung still rank among some of the best brands for computer memory. Samsung has held a fair portion of the market for a decade, a positive indicator of a durable brand.

If you’re looking to meet your basic needs, you can opt for a lesser-known brand to save money, but be aware of the risks involved with that decision. You may not be able to return or exchange the memory if something goes wrong, so consider all the potential problems before making your final purchase.

How Much RAM is Too Much? 

Once again, the amount of memory storage you need depends on what you plan to use the laptop for. For most users, 16GB is more than enough. 16GB can easily run multiple programs without any lag. However, there are instances where more memory is needed.

For intense visuals and graphics in games, you may need 32GB or 64GB to run programs smoothly. For argument’s sake, you could say that 1TB of memory is too much as most users will never need that amount.

Is 16GB RAM Good Enough for Laptop?

For many users, 16GB of memory is the perfect amount. It allows those who use their laptop heavily to run many programs at once, while lighter users will experience a seamless browsing session. With 16GB you won’t run into nearly as much lag as you would with 8GB.

Having 16GB of memory is enough to make programs run without problems, and it’s a relatively affordable option for the budget-conscious consumer.

What is the Fastest RAM? 

The more memory you have, the faster programs will run. While 16GB is more than manageable for most people. Upgrading to 32GB or 64GB will improve the speed of your computer. Most people, and even most casual gamers, won’t notice the increase in FPS when playing a demanding game, but the response time for switching between programs can drastically improve.

How Do I Choose RAM? 

How you choose your RAM depends on what your needs are for your laptop. When you build your laptop or upgrade a prebuilt one, you can select your preferences for RAM storage. You can plan ahead and install more storage for future use so that you won’t have to struggle if your workload increases.

16GB is recommended for most users, and the processing power is enough for most daily tasks and programs to run on. We recommend upgrading to more memory if you are an active gamer with powerful programs running or if you have a heavy workload constantly running on your laptop.

Wrap Up 

In short, the best RAM for your laptop depends on your needs. Light usage won’t require a lot of RAM to keep up, but high-end gaming and work involve a lot of hefty programs running at once. Consider your needs when deciding how much RAM to install. 

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