How Much Does a Dell Laptop Cost in SA? [Complete Info]

A laptop is no longer just a luxury item for South Africans. It’s a necessity – for work, staying connected with friends and family, keeping up to date with the world around you, the list goes on. Or maybe you want to know the gaming laptop price in South Africa. 

Whatever the case is, we all know it can be hard to find one for a good price – which is what makes high-performance Dell laptops so popular. You could go for the cheapest ones, but then they will be, well, cheaper. This makes for confusion about how much is a laptop that will serve your needs. 

You’re wondering, “just what is a good laptop price?”

It’s lucky you came here. I will answer any questions you might have about the laptop price in South Africa. We will go over the i5 laptop price, the i3 laptop price, and the core i7 laptop price, so you can find the best computer for your needs at the best price. Let’s go.

How Much is a Laptop in South Africa? 

That’s not a question that can be answered in one sentence. We’re going to have to break it down between different types. Many people think a laptop is a laptop, but it’s much more complicated. 

Even within a subcategory of laptops, there’s a difference in prices due to a few key features. 

  1. Graphics card – The higher the graphics, the better definition you will see images on your screen with, and the more “lifelike” they will seem. 
  2. Processor – The quality of your processor determines how quickly your device will complete tasks. 
  3. Memory – This is how many appliances, files, and other information you can store on a device. Such data is most commonly measured in megabytes and gigabytes. The greater this number is, the more data your computer can store. Remember that effectiveness is often compromised when a device is close to reaching full capacity.

The better these features are, the more you’ll be spending. 

How much does a Gaming laptop cost in South Africa? 

A good gaming laptop is crucial if gaming is your hobby. For some people, it’s their means of earning a living. Games, especially large online multiplayer games, take up a good chunk of space in a device’s storage. That said, if you often stream or are just an avid gamer, you need the most robust graphics and performance you can get. 

Keep in mind that if your device doesn’t have what it takes to run the game you’re trying to play, you’ll have poor graphics and connection at best. At worst, you won’t even be able to play the game at all. 

The least you’re likely to spend is R10,000. The most is R100,000. 

Laptop Price in South Africa 

This is a complicated question with a lot of different answers. Before you find it, ask yourself the following questions. 

  • What am I going to use my device for?
  • How much of my work life depends on access to a computer?
  • Am I going to be doing any gaming on it? If so, what kinds of games?
  • How much data is it going to need to store?

Depending on your personalized wants, needs, and budget, these questions will add up to different answers. Let’s get more into it. 

Regular Use Laptop Prices in South Africa

Here, we’ll be speaking to those using Dell laptops for every day, non-gaming activities. We’re going to start with the Intel i3 laptop and work our way up to the different levels of performance – each of these models is suitable for everyday use.

Intel i3 laptop price in South Africa 

This is for those who use their computers the least often. It can manage basic apps and low-grade games that do not take up much space. If you have a tighter budget and don’t need the highest-performing device. Maybe you aren’t interested in games or other features. You just want to be able to surf the web and do work or classes. 

This is ideal for you if you need an affordable laptop that can perform basic functions. The least you’ll be spending is around R5,000, and the highest level before switching to i5 is slightly over R10,000. 

Intel i5 laptop price in South Africa

This is for those who need a little higher performance from their device. Maybe you’re just looking for a higher-performing device. With this in mind, the prices are going to hike a little higher. 

Prices start at a minimum of about R5,500, the lowest being R5,000. The next step up is going to be R7,000 to R10,000. Then it spikes up to R20,000 and lingers around that price, give or take R10,000. Then, if you want to go for the most expensive possible i5 laptop, you will be spending around. 

Intel core i7 laptop price in South Africa 

If most of your days on the computer involve multitasking, this is the laptop for you. This means you need to have a lot of tabs and apps running simultaneously and smoothly, with no risk of the device freezing up.

Content creators who need to upload, edit, and transfer large files regularly opt for this type.  If you play a wide variety of games or ones that take up an abnormal amount of space, I strongly recommend you consider this one. In short, this is best for people whose livelihoods rely on their laptops. 

The least you are going to spend for an i7 laptop is R12,000, give or take. If you’re going for the highest quality, performance, and data storage capacity, you can spend up to R70,000.

Find The Right Price

If you’re going to buy a laptop, you’re going to be spending money. You don’t want to spend a little less and find that your computer can’t do what you need, but you don’t have to run your bank account dry.

You know what you’re looking for now – it’s time to consider a new Dell laptop as an investment rather than a treat. All you have to do now is to compare quality with what you can afford and find a way to make the two meet. 

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