Which Laptop Brand is the Best in 2023?

Ever since their humble beginnings in the early 80’s, technological advancement has enabled laptops to come quite a long way in terms of raw power and performance. 

Nowadays, it isn’t all too uncommon to see laptops able to handle and perform heavy tasks just as well as a traditional desktop computer, sometimes at an inferior cost and with added portability advantages.

While a device being able to be opened and closed – as well as carried around anywhere – has been the conventional design for a standard laptop, numerous brands have separated themselves from the pack and released powerhouses once thought unfathomable. 

Wondering which laptop brand is the best? We got you covered. Read our expert guide here and learn all you need to know.

Which laptop brand is most reliable?

Whilst Consumer Reports has consistently ranked Apple’s line of laptops as the most reliable devices when it comes to experiencing the least amount of breakdowns, there are a variety of factors you must consider when answering this question.

Laptop brands become trustworthy when they gain a reputation for providing high-quality laptops. To achieve this dependable reputation, the laptop brand must have a good track record of creating high-quality commodities. 

This means that the large majority of the brand’s products must not be prone to many bugs and malfunctions, as well as perform up to standard. 

Furthermore, trustworthy manufacturers often provide excellent customer service tending to your needs as a consumer and stand behind their products with solid warranty plans. 

Shoddy customer service teams and lackluster replacement or guarantees in case the product inexplicably malfunctions or combusts are telltale signs of unreliable laptop brands.

Thus, in order to answer the question of “which laptop brand is most reliable?”, extensive research must be performed on the existing market. Information such as product critiques, customer service reviews, and the laptop’s warranty plans must be taken into account.

Top Laptop Brands 

Determining which laptop brand is the best, on the other hand, mostly comes down to what you’re looking to get out of your laptop, its intended uses, and what you’re working with in terms of budget. 

Luckily, the sheer number of models and brands available on today’s market means that finding the right laptop to satisfy your needs is easier than ever before.

In this list, we’re going to rank the best laptop brands available across the world. These companies have established themselves as major players in the laptop industry by being brand leaders in technological advancement, customer service quality, and overall innovation. Let’s take a look!


Widely known for its sleek laptop designs and groundbreaking visual appeal, Apple is arguably the most reputable and popular laptop brand on the market – a notion added to by the company’s overall popularity.

Considered the luxury pick, while financially speaking, their machines are always going to be in the higher rungs, their unique operating systems rarely suffer from glitches and performance issues.

Their industry-leading customer service offers live chat support, online tech support, and 24/7 support over telephone calls to MacBook users hailing from all regions and corners of the globe.


Founded in 1939, Hewlett-Packard is one of the oldest electronic devices brands on the market. Since their spin-off into HP Enterprise in 2015, their reputation as a leading laptop brand has taken a bit of a nosedive.

Nonetheless, their laptop range at the moment is absolutely nothing to scoff at, with HP’s product line ranging from gaming-oriented laptops and 2-in-1 convertibles to student notebooks – available at incredibly reasonable prices as well.

With three years of extended warranty also available for any laptop purchase, as well as decent customer service channels, your latest acquisition will also be well insured for quite some time.


Windows minimalistic design enthusiasts, if you’re looking for a new laptop, Dell’s line of ultraportable, light products should be near the top of your list.

Listed at competitive price points, Dell has a laptop for all kinds of consumers thanks to their three series – not to mention the power and performance offered by the laptop brand as well.

The XPS series appeals to those running heavy applications, Inspiron is perfect for consumers on a tight budget, and Alienware has been providing gamers with powerhouses for quite some time now.


Having built up the reputation as the affordable David versus the expensive Goliaths of the laptop industry, Asus has always made great laptops at extremely affordable prices.

This is without mentioning their latest ROG (Republic of Gaming) releases, which are gamer-tailored beasts that easily compete with the likes of Alienware in the gaming laptop market when it comes to raw power and quality performance.

With a four-hour battery life minimum and good display on every laptop, the band cares about the user experience. Additionally, Asus offers a wide range of customer service channels for their customers and even throws in affordable spillage or accident warranty plans.


Lenovo’s expansive range of laptops makes the Chinese company one of the premier laptop brands on the market. From flexible business class laptops to powerhouse gaming laptops, their product range is quite expansive.

Known for its industry-leading battery life, Lenovo’s laptops are sold for a bit of a premium in comparison to other Windows operating systems, but all things considered, they are great value picks.

Extensive omni-channel support, a dedicated support team for each of their laptop lines, as well as dedicated brick-and-mortar stores means they also offer excellent customer service.


As one of the largest laptop manufacturers in the world, Acer’s laptops are accessible for almost anyone needing a machine to perform their everyday tasks, with their laptops also possessing decent battery life.

With Chromebooks available for as low as $150, they’re great value for money. Nonetheless, you’re getting exactly what you pay for, as they tend to suffer from durability issues. Acer offers a higher-end gaming laptop range starkly differing from their conventional makes.

Their customer service channels are sometimes inaccessible as well, but to budget-constrained consumers, sometimes these things just don’t carry as much weight when it comes to purchasing a cheap laptop.


As the new boys on the block (launched in 2005), Razer is a laptop brand exclusively dedicated to enhancing the portable gaming experience with their laptops’ insane processing power and stunning graphics.

Naturally, their price tags sometimes reach exorbitant figures, but Razer laptops’ capabilities and aesthetic value can assuredly justify their monetary value. Their laptops aren’t limited to just playing. It is also a popular choice for consumers running heavy applications.

With omni-channel support offering direct access to company technicians and one-year warranty plans, Razer is reasonably well-versed in quality customer service as well.


Although having been players in the laptop industry for quite some time, recognition-wise, MSI isn’t one of the most popular laptop brands on the market, but their latest releases signify their intentions of taking their place in the gaming laptop industry.

Known for producing high-end gaming laptops, the Chinese brand is widely utilized in Esports circles and possesses unbelievable quality and performance, which is reflected in their elevated price points.

What they lack in 24-7 customer support, they can easily make up with the combination of an incredibly aesthetically pleasing design and true processing power; gamers will not regret giving the company a chance.

Wrap Up 

Answering the question of which laptop brand is the best, as established above, truly comes down to a variety of factors and what you’re looking to get out of the all-important purchase. 

Whether you want it for work, studying or gaming purposes, as well as the company’s reputation in the facets of customer service and making quality, durable products, are all things you should take into account when making your budget-aligned decision. We hope this guide on the top ten laptop brands in 2023 has inched you one step closer towards making a decision. For those of you looking to purchase laptops in South Africa, be sure to check out PC International‘s extensive line of laptops!

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